Monday, November 23, 2009

How a BPD Love Relationship Evolves

In his article adapted from Romeo's Bleeding by Roger Melton, M.A. states that "Regardless of how a person with Borderline Personality Disorder alters and tailor her appearance and actions to please others, she often presents with a clear and characteristic personality pattern over time. This pattern usually evolves through three stages: The Vulnerable Seducer, The Clinger, and The Hater. This evolution may take months, and sometimes even years to cycle through. In the later periods, the personality often swings wildly back and forth from one phase to the next."

Click here to read his description of each of the three stages.


  1. bullshit. totally irresponsible. Makes the stigma of BDP worse.
    This is treatable. Women with BPD are not all like this. I can't believe this person has a license to practice psychotherapy. It should be revoked. Bitter man. I'll bet he hates women in general.

  2. Gayle, what an interesting reaction! I assume you've been diagnosed or accused of being BPD yourself?

    I've known 3 men married to borderline women. It's so hard to watch good men get destroyed by these predators.